Profile Of A Serial Killer Essay

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How would one know if someone around them was a serial killer or not? Most times it goes unnoticed by those around them. There are many ways to profile a person as a serial killer, and there are some common traits. Some people who turn to the life of a serial killer may of had psychological or physical abuse as a child, may have grown up isolated or in unhealthy environments, witnessed horrendous events or would have fantasies of being in control. Some even develop fetishes at a young age that they wish to fulfill as adults.Serial killers tend to fall under three main categories: disorganized, organized and mixed.A serial killer's profile can change depending on many things such as recognition. If a killer likes the attention he or she can …show more content…
Him targeting these people in the spotlight meant that it would get large news coverage. He wanted these murders to be known. Mansons goal was to get the public's attention from these murders and get them angry. Everyone was looking for someone to blame and he wanted it to be the black community that took fault for these crimes. Manson made sure that no one would be left alive at the scene to tell who did what. Manson made sure that his followers where loyal he was able to manipulate them with drugs and a sense of security that they have never had before. People that feel wanted and secure will not do anything to jeopardize that.His fantasy of helter skelter was his goal and what kept him motivated. The idea of a bigger picture that he and his followers would create also gave them a sense of self worth. This is where people get the saying Manson family from, his group was considered a cult in many ways and him the center of it all. He was the leader the provider and his followers here his children. The only thing about Charles Manson's organized scheme was the motive. What was the motive for the black people to do this to the whites. With more investigations for a different crime Manson was involved in, grand theft auto actually allowed police to find him.At first Manson and his followers where only jailed for grand theft auto, until Susan Atkins one of his followers bragged to another inmate about one of their murders. From their more investigations were

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