Professionalism, Competence, And Competence Essay

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As a professional group, nurses spend more time directly with patients than any other group and thus have an important perspective to offer on all aspects of healthcare (Crisp and Taylor, 2013). The purpose of this essay is to define professionalism, the scope of practice of registered nurses in New Zealand, and competence associated with the role of a registered nurse. Equally, it will cover all the attributes that affect professionalism such as the code of conduct, competencies, and other standards and acts published by professional nursing organisations such as the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO, 2010), Ministry of Health, 2014 and the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ). This essay will also discuss how the Professionalism, scope of practice, and the competence standards of nursing will relate to RN Abb’s practise.
Professionalism can be defined as individuals presenting themselves in the competent and skilful behaviours in alignment with the profession and behaving in a manner defined and anticipated by the profession. Nurses have a responsibility of maintaining the values that are expected as a Registered Nurse. Nurses have set of values which include honesty, responsibility, adopting new knowledge, belief in human dignity and treating all patients equally. A person’s professionalism tells the world about them through their personal behavior and personal presentation to those around them. Nurses professionalism factors include your attitude, your appearance…

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