Professional Nurse : Past, Present, And Future Essay

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The Professional Nurse: Past. Present, and Future
While pondering what comprises a professional nurse, a few things come to mind. A professional nurse should have empathy, first and foremost. The professional nurse should also be knowledgeable since the profession has no room for error. She or he should be able to communicate with patients as well as other health care professionals. Lastly, but certainly not the least important characteristic of a professional nurse, is his or her dedication to the patient and to the profession. The Florence Nightingale Pledge for the professional nurse is as accurate today as when written in 1893. This paper will explain the characteristics of professional nursing, why developing a professional demeanor is important for the nursing student and what aspects of the Nightingale Pledge could be updated to reflect the definition of professional nursing today.
Empathy is at the very core of nursing. Without empathy a nurse cannot relate to her patients physical and emotional illness and understand the illness from the patients perspective. Empathy is extremely important to learn as a student nurse, one must focus first on feeling empathy for the patient to better care for the patient in every aspect of the patients needs. Learning to be empathetic, as a student nurse will help the individual to become less self-involved and become more patient focused. “The application of an empathic approach to clinical care yields tangible benefits…

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