Professional Dress Code in the Workplace Essay

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Professional Dress Code in the Workplace
Rosaura P Bernal
EN 306 – Nadia H Morales
Park University

The first impression is a lasting impression whether it is at the office, a party, a lunch date or an interview. What you wear to these events can be either a positive impression or a negative one. That is why I think it is very necessary to have a professional dress code in the workplace if your place of employment is that of a professional setting such as a bank or even an insurance company. If the professionalism does not show on what the employees are wearing, how are their customers going to accept that they are professionals at what they do. The business could lose the credibility of how they handle their business. Nowadays,
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The time you take and put into your wardrobe will show your managers or supervisors how ready you are for a professional career and how committed and responsible you are. You should always dress for success; you’ve never seen a CEO wearing an un-tucked polo shirt with jeans and loafers. Professional appearance is important to the image employees present to the public. Any and all employees who have any type of interaction with outside vendors or their customers are representing their company. Any potential customer is more likely to view your product or service positive if the person who is helping them with that service is dressed professionally. If that employee is dressed sloppy, they won’t take that employee seriously and in turn not take your business seriously. The attitude, personality and manner of dress all help shape the other person’s view of the company. The way an employee dresses for the job should emphasize that they are company oriented and that they are serious about the job they are doing. If they come to work dressed in inappropriate attire, it will makes them look like they are dressed for a night out and make it seem that their main focus is their social life, not their job. What they can do is come dressed in attire that can transform into night club clothe but just make sure they are not showing too much skin or as if they were still

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