Essay on Procurement Management : A Non Profit Entity

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Procurement Management
In view of the fact that RMLEB is a non-profit entity, some of the elements of the lean six sigma approach will be integrated within the AAE project. The combination of lean and six sigma methods establishes an inclusive toolset that can enhance the speed and effectiveness of processes within an organization (Sunder & Shah, 2016). One of the tools that will be utilized during the undertaking is the DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) methodology in regards to stakeholder management (Sunder & Shah, 2016). Appendix A illustrates the stakeholder involvement within each phase of the DMAIC method in regards to the AAE project. Appendix B outlines a list of all of the key members of the project, along with their contact information. Through the implementation of this process, the project manager can ensure that all aspects of the project are being represented throughout the lifecycle of the endeavor.
Generally speaking, every organization utilizes different tools and techniques to gain focus during the procurement process. One tool that has been utilized by RMLEB at the early stages of the project was a focus group of surgeons and surgical centers within Asia, mainly China, Japan, and South Korea, to gain information if the project was viable. A focus group involves a group of people giving their thoughts and perceptions about a specific project and applies a non-quantitative method of gathering information within the early stages of a…

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