Procrastination Is A Way Of Life Essay

756 Words Nov 30th, 2014 4 Pages
"Why do I even procrastinate?" I ask myself this question everyday. This is a problem in my everyday life. In fact, it 's a problem in most people 's lives. In my life i have heard many elderly folks comment "Those kids are so lazy, they procrastinate all the time" This comment is not only arrogant but it 's also false. People don 't realize that many teens hold a stable job while being a full time student. There are just some of us that don 't feel the need to do homework right when we are supposed to. It doesn 't mean we are lazy it 's that we get caught up in social media, friends, etc. Procrastination is a way of life, although it may have negative outcomes it doesn 't mean an individual is lazy when dealing with this. Procrastination is a problem that has gotten me no where. I feel as if homework is too difficult to do sometimes, but also i feel as if it isn 't worth doing. Jane B. Burka once said, "We naturally tend to avoid difficult things in favor of those which seem easy to us." (1). This means that individuals don 't comprehend the homework sometimes, and would rather fail an assignment than ask for help. Most of the time I don 't believe that my grades will not slip as much as they do, and i tell myself i will do it the next day which never happens. Alexander and Onwuegbuzie said,"One reason students procrastinate suggested by researchers is that people think procrastination behaviors do not always cause negative consequences" (2). This is because many…

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