Essay on Procrastination Is A Psychological Epidemic

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Many people in today 's society consistently procrastinate. Procrastination is a psychological epidemic. Many people find themselves procrastinating and trying to find ways to help manage their procrastination. I will be taking a deeper look into why human natural patterns resort to a stability of procrastination and how individuals overcome it. Also learn and understand ways to fight and manage procrastination. As well as the different types of procrastination and how it affects people and the different levels and stages of procrastination. Most psychologists see procrastination as a kind of avoidance behavior, a coping mechanism gone awry in which people “give in to feel good,” (timothy pychyl, line 64) Avoidance behaviour was best sought out as an action for avoidance, People who tend to use avoidance typically only focus on themselves in the present and not really concerened or interested in the future. which may be problematic and causing issues downthe road, scientists believe that procrastination is also a cause of another factor such as the persons perception of time. Some believe that procrastination is so intractable because it’s linked to deeper perceptions of time and the difference between what they call “the present and future self.” (timothy pychyl, line 23) Some people actually don 't even know when they are procrastinating. There are signs and ways to help identify if an individual is prone to procrastinatting or is a procrastinator. Some signs such as…

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