Procrastination In The Ant And The Grasshopper

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Across the world many people struggle with procrastination. Like putting of homework or work. Like in the story “The Ant and the Grasshopper” By Rob Jon the Grasshopper puts off preparing for the winter and later pays for it. Like when he is not prepared for winter, because he was self-centered and thinks he has all the food he needs.

A reason that shows the Grasshopper was not prepared was when the Grasshopper told the Ant “Winter won’t come for ages . Won’t be winter till… well winter. It’s summer now. Why worry about the winter.” This shows that, the Grasshopper was not prepared or preparing so he would end up hungry in the winter. Then he also stated “I’m not bothered. I got stuff to do too. Got all this grass to enjoy. Not gonna waste
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But really if he had started preparing earlier he would have had food and a shelter for the reasons. This shows that he thought he had time and at the moment he had all the food he needed. B`ut he was wrong, and payed for it. Also he was rude and acted cocky towards other people. This is proven when he begs the Ant for food and shelter, but he says no and turns a cold shoulder. He does this because he was rude and cocky and therefore he would end up dead. All of this shows that if he wouldn’t have been cocky and just prepared for the winter he would still be alive

As you may already know the human race struggles greatly with procrastination. Like the Ant in “The Ant and the Grasshopper” he shows us throughout the story being prepared pays off. But what we are also shown is that many of us choose to be like the Grasshopper and procrastinate and end up not doing it and or failing at the task ahead of us. So knowing all this we should rise to the challenge and tackle it and move forward in

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