Process Improvement Implementation Plan For The Facility Essay

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Process Improvement Implementation Plan
When it comes to transitioning to lean methods I believe that building momentum is one of the most important challenges to overcome. One of the most important ways to build this momentum is to enlist the help from all levels of the facility. The implementation requires the enthusiasm and support from upper management but relies on the work and detail decision making to come from the people who are performing the work. So the first step is to provide training to all of the workers. Although to do this all at once would be very disruptive to the facility, so I would select a group of volunteers to start. Their job would be to learn all of the methods have some practice and then help train others in the tools.
One of the easiest methods to begin with is the implementation of the visual methods like 6S to help create a clean slate and having workers begin to start looking at their workspace in a different way. One of our largest issues is that we are more like a job shop than an assembly line, performing a 6S exercise would bring a lot of great improvements to the work place. Implementing a visual workplace also helps with this. Having production and quality metrics posted are good motivators for changing the relationship with the job.
After the visual workplace has become accepted I think it would be a good time to move into what I believe to be one of the most important lean tools, value stream mapping. By creating a before and final…

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