Procedure For Counseling Innocent Absenteeism

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Note; you cannot council innocent absenteeism since disciplinary action in this case is unjustifiable by the law and it will be unruly to subject them into penalization for acts beyond their control. Xxx research institute says no matter the nature of the absenteeism case tabled, it causes losses to the organization and it is far from an employer’s fault. So, how do you weigh the losses suffered by the employers to the workers’ rights of being sick? However, when it reaches a point where, no matter the causes of the absenteeism, it imposes constant loses to the employer; the damages incurred should weigh against the employee’s right to be sick. Moreover, when the employer is right to expect delivery never met, then the work contract automatically terminates. The entire processes fit in, initial counseling, written counseling, and redundancy of hours and finally discharge from work/ work termination.

Procedure for counseling innocent absenteeism – employers guide Initial Counseling – xxx research Institute notes that, assuming you communicated attendance expectation to you employees, and pin pointed a certain figure as frequent absentee; you ought to meet him/her regularly talking about their problem as part of their recovery process. If they show of intermittent attendance then meet them each time they return to work.
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Introduce their records table and alert that they ought to improve their attendance records or they risk further disciplinary actions. This step demands that you deploy relevant guidance appropriately according to xxx and xxx research guides. Further your verbal warning and keep a constant review of the employee’s income protection records. In case of an improvement, extol them for their efforts and where there are no developments, a written warning should follow

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