Problems Of The Old Testament Essay

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Problems of the Old Testament in Relation to Its Inspiration

The Bible is the only authoritative record of the relationship between God and man. Known as the best-selling and most stolen book of all time, the Bible is also the most criticized without question. Critics of the bible tend to seek out a single discrepancy and try to display it to be the only evidence needed to deny the inerrancy and inspiration of the Bible. As Psalms 12:6 implies, the word of God is flawless without question and the numerical, scientific, and moral discrepancies that are used to attack these crucial doctrines are to be considered difficulties rather than discrediting facts.

Doctrine of Inspiration and Inerrancy
Understanding the doctrine of inspiration and the authority of Scripture is of utmost importance for anyone who desire to operate effectively in faith as they pursue an invisible God. Literally meaning "God-breathed" the word inspiration decrees the Bible to be divine. In other words, Scripture is divinely inspired in that God actively worked through the process and had his hand in the outcome of what Scripture would say. Scripture that is considered to be inspired is simply revelation written and spoken by man but given by God as 2 Timothy 3:16-17 proves when it says “All scripture is inspired by God”.

Whereas inspiration refers to the Bible 's origin of authority, the concept of Bible inerrancy establishes its nature. Inerrancy is defined as the central and most…

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