Problems Faced By Uk Construction Industry Essay

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The construction industry in UK plays a important role in UK economic growth.It is also major contributor to gdp . The present UK construction industry is struggling with many issues or problems that requires academic research.Many researchers have made significant contributions trying to solve or reduce the impact of problems by publishing many journals and research papers.Now we going to discuss about few problems.

There are many issues in uk construction industry but now we gonna discuss about about three issues and one issue in critical way.
• Tendering
• Procurement
• Corruption

• Tendering is one of the important problem now the construction industry is facing.It is a very complex process which requires a lot academic research to solve the problem.The common method of tendering has limitations or many boundaries and many weaknesses for example:
• It prevents the inter-exchange of technical information and knowledge.
• It creates an environment of hard bargaining which is not a very good sign of healthy relationships in the future.
• It provides no chance for integrating the construction team because the contractor is not allowed to form part in design stage.
• Tender deadlines are very short when compared with design or constrction stages which puts pressure on contractors to meet dead lines which results in making mistakes in the quotation which leads to failures and resulting in high costs…

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