Problems Associated With Poor Nutrition Essay

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The next problem to address is food that is available to students. Students have snacks available but what nutritional value do they have? How well are they truly meeting a student’s success in achieving a healthy approach to food? It has been show that they are not meeting healthy goals at all. The Federal Department of Agriculture has written a policy Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. This act states “Schools play a critical role in promoting student health, preventing childhood obesity and combating problems associated with poor nutrition.” (Agreculture, 2014, p. 10693). Snacking and snack foods have become a major problem “27% of a child’s daily calories are coming from snack food.” (Piernas & Popkin, March 2010, pp. 398-404). This study also concluded that the three main snack sourced are 1) dessert 2) salty snacks and 3) candy and fruit drinks. (Piernas & Popkin, March 2010, p. 400) .

The USDA recommends “reduce consumption of empty calories, saturated fats and sodium, and increase consumption of nutrient-dense foods” (Agriculture, 2015, p. 2). This brings me back to the point that schools need to have available more fresh fruit and produce such as apples, grapes, oranges, melons, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Along with being great snacks these foods have a high water content. This would meet both hydration and healthy snacks need to maintain a healthy body. “Currently 73% of teachers are using candy as a student incentive /reward.” (Kubik, 2002, p.…

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