Problem Solution Essay

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Wringing Out the Problem
Raquel Metcalf

My family always expected two things of me, to make exceptional grades and to attend college. My family also expected me to find as many scholarships as I could my senior year of high school to pay for college. I come from a poor background, so although they wanted me to go to college they knew I would not be able to afford it without student loans or scholarships. I did exactly what they wanted me to do. I got into college and to pay for all the expenses for school, I found numerous scholarships by my grades and researches. Upon entering college I soon discovered that although I did everything I possibly could to avoid paying for anything, I was still left with one more annoying and
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The machines take quarters or Warhawk Express, which remains problematic because I myself, rarely carry change or put money into my Warhawk Express account. The second problem is that the set times are unpredictable and impractical. The washing machines set times says 26 minutes but takes about 35-40 minutes to wash. The set time of an hour to dry clothes is too long. Normally the clothes are dry within 20 or 30 minutes. I say normally because sometimes I have to add another $1.25 to the dryer so that my clothes completely dry.
I am unaware if the issue of malfunctioning machines are on every floor in every dormitory, but I am aware that residents should not have to pay money to do laundry. The cost of living on campus ranges from $1,302 to $2,657 per semester. If I washed and dried three loads of clothes every week for a 17 week semester that equals to an extra $127.50 That is an extra $255 each year that could go towards other things such as bills or food. The first proposed solution to this horrendous problem is to remove all cost to do laundry all together. If the proposal to eliminate all cost was put into action I believe it would benefit the residents considerably, by removing stress, even if it is just a little, of worrying about having extra money just to do laundry. In order to achieve free laundry, I would go to the Residential Life director and propose the idea to her. Explaining

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