Essay Privilege And Lack Of Privilege

1929 Words Nov 21st, 2016 8 Pages
Privilege is an aspect in life that provides certain groups of people an advantage in life over others. Underprivileged is someone who does not have the same rights and opportunities as someone else. Privilege or underprivileged can be due to many things such as social class, sexual orientation, appearance, and race. Privilege is cumulative. Some people have lots of privilege and it adds up. Then others have little to no privilege and it is in a way subtracted from their lives. Some people refuse to believe privilege exists. However, other people like me know it exists and believe things need to change for the better for everyone. Privilege can affect your place in society and a person’s self-confidence in their self-worth. I think some privileges such as social class and race are people inherited from parents. Privilege is the gift that keeps giving parents pass it down to their children. Then the children grow up and have children and pass it down to their children, it is a cycle. However, other aspects such as sexual orientation and appearance are not inherited.
One type of privilege that is under debate is white privilege and if it exists or not. White privilege is a something that people inherit at birth from their parents. People do not have to do anything to obtain this type of privilege. They just have to be born white. Some people choose to ignore it and claim it does not exist. However, I know it exists and since I am white, it is something, I have in life. One…

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