Private Vs Private Education Essay

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Public vs. Private Education: When Interests Collide
Proper education is becoming increasingly accessible with each passing day, with parents who want their children to learn about the importance of a proper education. The parents/guardians want to have the choice to send their children to a reputable school that they will enjoy attending and where the children can improve their cognizance. However, not every child has this opportunity: some lack the funds needed to choose what school they want to attend while others simply don’t have any other choice. Recently, House Bill 2949 was passed in a 9-8 vote by the House of Representatives (Plemons) that would allow students this luxury of choice between private or public education. However, this
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The bill has garnered a fair amount of controversy, and both sides of the argument predict different outcomes should this bill eventually be passed. Opponents of the bill say that it will ultimately cause public schools to lose funding, as more and more students would be admitted to private schools when given the choice. Those in favor of the bill believe that giving the students the ability to choose while excluding financial woes will ultimately benefit the student, as they can choose the type of education that best suits their academic inclinations (Eastes). Alternatively, those in opposition of the bill have listed their grievances, saying that when given the choice, more parents will choose a private institution over a public school, which means that the public schools will lose funding. Instead, the opposition believes that more money should be put into public schools, where there is a sort of “accountability.” In other words, there has been no proof that attending private institutions equals a higher quality education, whereas public schools have that credibility (Eastes). Correspondingly, the bill does not elaborate on how the parents are responsible for this account, only that the money in the account must be applied for academic purposes

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