Privacy And Security Issues In E-Commerce

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Register to read the introduction… This prevents you from increasing your account balance or elimination of a bill .
Encryption : It deals with information hiding . Ensures that you cannot spy on others during Internet banking . Auditing : keeps records of transactions. Traders use the audit to prove that you purchased a specific merchandise .
Integrity : prevention against unauthorized modification of data
Non-repudiation : prevention against any party violating an agreement after the fact.

Strategies for e-commerce security address two issues mainly to protect the integrity of the business network and its internal systems and security compliance of transactions between the customer and the company.
There are three types of security threats
Denial of Service unauthorized access theft and fraud
Denial of service : There are mainly two types of DOS attacks are spam and viruses. spam: Sending unsolicited commercial emails to people E -mail bombing caused by a hacker sent a computer or network, and sending thousands of emails to it. Surfing involves placing hackers software agents on a third party system and the establishment of which was to send requests to an intended target . DDOS hackers involves the placement of software agents in a number of third party systems and setting them out for simultaneous requests to a target
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