Prison Life For Inmates Of Both Male And Female Offenders Essay

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The reason that I have chosen this topic to do my paper on is because I want to explore and demonstrate to those individuals out there what the life of an inmate in prison is like. I want to be able to lay it all flat on the table and express the bad and sometimes the good that can happen inside of those walls. Prison life for these individuals is not a walk in the park because they are no longer in charge of what they were on the outside. My project topic is the prison life for inmates of both male and female offenders.
My definition for the life of a prisoner is someone who has been convicted of a brutal action and will now serve his/her time in an 8x8 cell with no contact with the outside world. Something like this can emotionally and physically harm an individual and cause them to lash out at other inmates. Not having that type of communication and the outside world can drain them of their power resulting in them punishing others. Being in that cell for nearly 24 hours a day can make the offender go crazy and want to escape. These offenders build connections with others to play out escape plans and sometimes even committing death.
Corrections are the range of community and institutional sanctions, treatment programs, and services for managing criminal offenders (Seiter, 2014). Closely monitoring of offenders such as those who are more prone to commit the offense again or have shown signs of suicidal thoughts is an example of managing those offenders. An…

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