Principles Of Marketing Case Study

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I am requesting four (5) non-liberal, introductory credits for prior learning in Principles of Marketing. I have developed college-level knowledge in Principles of Marketing through my enrollment in the Marketing Principles and Practices course at New York University (NYU). This was a 30 hour non-credit course offered by what was then called the NYU School of Continuing Education (SCE). I completed the course with a grade of ‘B’ and I earned 3.0 CEU credits from the university.
The study of Principles of Marketing typically consists of exploring a basic understanding of the marketing mix (product, place, promotion and price), market segmentation, consumer and business behavior, market research and competitive analysis and ethics and social
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The first is the personal factors or the demographic factors of a consumer. Some of these factors are the age, race, sex, income, occupation and family status of the consumer. Psychological factors like perceptions, motives, attitudes and personality, are the second major influence in a buying decision. And lastly are societal factors, which reflect the influence of friends, family, reference groups and social classes in affecting buying decisions. By understanding how consumers makes their decisions and the factors that influence those decisions, a marketer is better able to create a marketing mix to attract and satisfy those …show more content…
One research technique is the focus group, where various consumers are gathered and they are asked questions how what they like about various products and what features they are looking for. Another technique is the customer survey where buyers of the product are asked what they like most about the product they bought, why did they buy it, how satisfied they are with it and what could be improved about it. Based on the results of a marketing research effort, the product may be modified or the way the product is priced, promoted and distributed may be changed in order to increase the

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