Principles Of A Group On The Group 's Norms Essay

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Does the desire to be accepted as part of a group leave one susceptible to conforming to the group’s norms? The answer is Yes, here is an example why. How is it that so many people using acronyms in a text for example LOL (laugh out loud) NP (no problem) instead of writing our the whole word or suddenly everyone is using the word “cool.” These are examples of how individuals ' behavior is shaped by what people around them consider appropriate, correct or desirable.

Can a group exert pressure that’s strong enough to change a member’s attitudes and behavior?
We define a group of two or more people interacting and looking to achieve the same common goal. So it makes you think can a group exert pressure that’s strong enough to change a member attitude or behavior? The Answer is yes and there are several different factors to look at. Employees will adjusts their behavior to the group to which they are a part of. The group will also let the person know what behavior is acceptable. Knowing the status of a group is also important because it can be a huge motivator and needs to be harmonizing. I have recently experienced this. I was promoted in July to an Area Retail Sales Manager and what used to be my leaders are now my peers. Previously as a Retail Account Manager my peers and I called each other often to talk about what was going on and what we could work on. Now there is barely any communication and everyone lives in their own world. I feel like I have adjusted my behavior to…

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