Principles And Standards That Determine The Degree Of Worth Or Merit Of An Object Or Act

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Values are principles and standards that determine the degree of worth or merit of an object or act. (ERIC, 1966). It doesn’t matter where we are born and raised, we have been taught certain standards to live by. “Nevertheless, true Christian values, reflecting acceptance of Jesus Christ as one’s Lord and Savior, anchor religious and spiritual values to biblical standards.” (Hollinger). Growing up my mom taught me to be humble, to forgive, be respectful, be honest and to have self-control. I will discuss these 5 values important to me and the reason I decided to embrace them.
I have learned that we are all the same before the Lord and that we are here to serve others, that is why humility is very important to me. I take it upon myself to help others in need in any way; in the Consolidation ministry I am able to practice this with the visitors. I help set up the refreshments for after the service and we converse with them, ask for their petitions and pray, making them feel welcome. With humility comes forgiveness because if you are not willing to humble yourself to ask for forgiveness or to forgive you are not able to experience the freedom that comes with it. Just as God forgave us we have to forgive our neighbor to fully live a life in peace. When I was living in Puerto Rico my sister and I got into an argument where she told me that I was worthless and that really hurt my feelings. It was very hard for me to forgive her. It wasn’t until I went to a youth activity that I…

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