Analysis Of The Movie: The Prince Of Egypt

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The Exodus story is arguably one of the most well-known stories from Hebrew Bible and has spawned dozens of adaptations through films and books. The Prince of Egypt, though, stands out among its peers because of its choice to use animation to help bring the story to life and by playing into the more fantastical parts of the biblical story by incorporating musical breaks. The Prince of Egypt will go down in history as a cinematic biblical epic that stays true to the core elements of the original story but still took the necessary liberties to make it entertaining and emotionally involving for its audience. The story of Moses delivering his people from the Pharaoh is perhaps the most adapted story in the Bible. There have been numerous films …show more content…
The animation was state of the art at the time it was released and was a huge reason why the film received many accolades and garnered box office success. The creators saw an opportunity to tell the Exodus story in a way it has never been told before while also using the natural appeal of cartoons to attract a younger audience. The images and usually harsh plotlines are tamed down by the vibrant colors and caricatures. Another issue that comes with creating a movie version of a biblical story is trying to make the more unrealistic parts easier for the audience to grasp. For example, the part in the story when God speaks to Moses through the burning bush may be hard to recreate realistically in a live-action film. The Prince of Egypt, though, takes advantage of its animation techniques to create a fantastical version of the burning bush that suspends disbelief in contrast to a live action film where the scene might come across as corny or far-fetched. Films like The Ten Commandments also seem dated and cheap compared to modern day films, while most animated movies seem to have a longer shelf life, ensuring their place in film history. While The Prince of Egypt does not have the highest quality computer animation, it is still captivating and breathtaking in certain scenes. The animation in this timely film only …show more content…
Many, many years pass in the story of Moses and most of them are important to the story. The best example of this technique is when the song “The Plagues” is used as a montage to showcase the nine plagues sent by God to show Pharaoh his wrath. The song ends right before the tenth and arguably the harshest plague, and lets the scene play out in silence, only allowing the sound of the hushed movements of the spirit. The way that music is used in The Prince of Egypt help to connect viewers with the emotions the characters feel and also assists in creating a more cohesive storyline that moves along

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