Film Analysis: The Cinderella Man

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“I have to believe when things are bad I can change them” (Quotes). In the movie The Cinderella Man directed by Ron Howard, James J. Braddock encounters many difficult times throughout the movie, but chooses to let them motivate him, instead of put him down.
In the beginning of the film, The Cinderella Man, Jimmy Braddock’s life is zipping along and nothing is going wrong. Then one day, his family starts to endure hardships such as: no heat in the house, no electricity, and minimal amounts of food. The time period in the movie is switching from the Roaring 20’s to The Great Depression. Braddock also suffers a broken right hand during a boxing match, which forces him to give up his career. Since he will not be making money for his family from boxing, Jimmy becomes a longshoreman and does manual labor even with a broken hand. Then one day, when there happens to be a last minute cancellation by a boxer, Braddock’s longtime manager, Joe Gould, calls him and offers him one more match in the ring. Jimmy stuns the boxing world and knocks out his opponent, Corn
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The movie shows how you can be down in the dumps, but one little action is able to change everything around. James J. Braddock’s family is so poor that they are going to have to send the kids away, but Braddock wins a fight and is able to bring his kids back home. He also, with the money he wins from the match, is able to turn on the electricity and heat for the next month. Another valuable lesson the film teaches the audience is how to persevere. Jimmy is fighting, not only for the money, but also for his family and his life. Many times he is close to getting knocked out, but he perseveres through the tough time, and because of that he comes out as a champion. He also fights matches with broken ribs, and continually gets punched right in the same spot. Although, he mentally and physically could quit, he rises up and makes it

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