The Freemasons: A Conspiracy Theory

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The Free Masons: Fact or Theory

Are the Freemasons a conspiracy theory? What did the Freemasons do? The group called the freemasons is an organization that is like a sorority for women. (January 2, 2013) The Freemasons is not a conspiracy theory. The freemasons are a very vast organization that will be learned about in this paper if you are willing to open your mind and let everything go and just read and learn. Morality, equality, and service to God; what do these all have in common. Well for one these all describe the ideals that a freemason lives by. (World book, Check Date) Why did the freemasons start? Throughout history sources say that the freemasons started because they disagreed with the way that the Catholic Church worked. This
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The free masons’ actually are not only the free masons. The free masons have different groups that have joined to make the organization bigger. These include the illuminati, the Prince Hall Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, and the Scottish rite. The Prince Hall Freemasonry consists of mostly black Americans. The Prince Hall Freemasonry has about two hundred seventy five thousand members. The Prince hall free masons have differences than that of the regular free masons. (World Book, 1998) The prince hall free masons and the regular free masons share masonic lodges. There are about twelve thousand lodges and more than four and a half worldwide. The free mason’s lodges have the same power just like how the judicial, executive, and legislative branches have power in our government. (January 2, 2013) The Scottish rite is a huge part of the free masons with adding the extra degrees that the free masons can achieve throughout there journey in the mason ways. The Scottish rite and the York rite joined back in the sixteenth century. These are both still symbols of the early masonry in the world. (World Book, 1998) The Scottish right and the free masons levels are called degrees and the Scottish rite have thirty two while the free masons have three. Once one person or a group of people reaches a new degree the brotherhood will have a ceremony that doesn’t include hazing or negative altitude. (January 2,

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