Primal Instinct In Lord Of The Flies

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There has always been a part of the human mind that alarms everyone; a part of the human mind that is a primal instinct that most people do not want to visit the majority of the time. And sometimes once that part of the human mind is released, it is hard to go back to being to what you were once before. This is abundantly shown in Lord of the Flies by William Golding. In his novel, the story is about young boys whose plane was shot down and are now stranded on a deserted island during World War II. On this island, the boys are encumbered by difficult situations that question their humanity. But there are a select few that stand out that make the reader wonder what if that was them trapped on that island, and if they would do the same thing? Piggy, Jack, and Ralph are all characters that truly represent the psychological mind with Ralph representing the Ego, Piggy representing the Superego, and Jack representing the Id. William Golding portrays how boys who have no guidance and no adults to enforce their laws will find a primal instinct to fill in that void, …show more content…
This is what ultimately happened in Lord of the Flies by William Golding. With influences such as Jacks or the Id you could say becomes more appealing to the young minds of the little ones than Piggy 's or the Superego way. The thought of acting on impulse and hunting seems more fun than thinking and doing what is right. But even then the balance can not be restored like Ralph who tried to do this but failed. The Ego or Ralph could not propose a balance of having fun and using reason. The mind which is very moldable especially in adolescents can be influenced in a matter of seconds. And sometimes they are so moldable that they could be molded to believe that the wrong way such as the Id sometimes is the only way. Where the right way is to have a balance of both between the Id and Superego which is the

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