Priestley Character Analysis

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Woman are considered to be more of a supportive role when it is the man who is the manager and considered ungrateful if the roles were reversed (Kirchmeyer, 1998). However, even with this, Priestly still cares about her daughters, meaning not all of her feminine characteristics have vanished, as she is still someone who is nurturing. Furthermore, she is also worried about what people say concerning her ability as a mother. Her twins are very important to her, yet as seen in the film, she is not always capable of coming to their events. In these situations, she does not only feel like a bad mother but other people also whisper about her inability to be a proper mother. Men rarely have to deal with such accusations, as child raising is still …show more content…
Meaning, if it were a man doing the same job, no one would bat their eyes due to it fitting the stereotype of a man in this role, they would not get as much hate. This indicates that women are constantly scrutinized (Eagly et al.,2003). Even though women are considered to be the more compassionate and caring type, Priestly does not show this; she makes the working environment cold, fast, direct, critical with no room for other people’s opinions. Even throughout the film, most female characters are given a bad impression and do not seem too empathetic. This is because they seem to be fully involved in their job and hence, are not necessarily admired for that. This results in men being portrayed as the positive roles. For example, Christian Thompson saved Sachs’ job by helping her get the unpublished Harry Potter manuscript. Nigel, the art director of the magazine, guides Sachs and helps her out like a true friend by giving her a makeover and advice. This shows that whatever they do, men in high ranking jobs have a better image over women doing the same thing. This also conveys the message that behind every woman there is still a man helping

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