Chillingworth Character Analysis

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Before continuing on further explanation, the co-existing of Satan mentioned to be within Chillingworth; He was being compared to Satan. In theory, “Satan was defined as an angelic who fell from his position in heaven due to sin. In other words, [Satan was once Gods angel, but he became jealous of God for being such robust and did not like God’s authorities. He blinded by jealous which leads him into the wrong path.] (GotQuestion 1)”. The story about Satan allows the readers to make connections to Chillingworth and related his story or action with Satan. In the novel, Chillingworth, an honorable man” was as a physician…. skillful men, of the medical and chirurgical profession” but blinded by jealousy (Hawthorne 108). As, “Chillingworth, with …show more content…
Likewise, Satan was an angel of God but now a demon. The idea of Chillingworth being the Satan’s image indicates jealousy comes with hatred in all man. Chillingworth serves as the devil’s advocate by being a doctor, “[Chillingworth] tread behind [Dimmedale] every footstep…beside him sleeping and waking. He searches his thoughts…burrow and rankle his heart…causing him to die daily a living death.”(154). Chillingworth manipulates Dimmesdale for him suffering as if the Satan manipulated humanity from God.
For the most part, the readers can assume that Chillingworth seems to be extremely related to Satan’s. Indeed, Chillingworth and Satan were once good-man, but jealousy blinded them. The transition from good to evil in Chillingworth’s character causes readers to the inference that Chillingworth is a pathetic, desperate villain, but they are wrong. In fact, Dimmesdale is suffering because of “ the legitimate action of his conscience, machinery had been brought to bear…still operating on Mr. Dimmesdale’s well being.” (142). Chillingworth, as a doctor, wants Dimmesdale to confess his all sin
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For years, people misunderstood Chillingworth’s intention toward Dimmesdale, but he did not bother to justify himself. That allows the readers to believe that Chillingworth’s love for Hester was so profoundly that even though she betrayed him. He still wanted her lover, Dimmesdale, to be better, so she could be with him. The nobility of Chillingworth teaches the readers that even though he corrupted once, but his real nature could never change even how desperate he wanted to go

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