Preventing Teens Out Of Trouble Essay

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Navigating You to a Better, Healthier Lifestyle

My entire life and daily routine consists of going to school, doing homework, studying and going to ballet practice. Unlike other high school students, I did not have any free time and sacrificed a lot growing up. By dancing for the past twelve years, it helped me grow as a person and kept me out of trouble. While parents have varying opinions about whether or not sports keep teens out of trouble, I argue that it benefits children. By participating in sports, athletes build stronger bones reduce the chances of obesity, chronic diseases such as colon cancer, cardiovascular disease. Ballet has kept me into shape, although I did get injuries throughout my high school years, I maintained my grades, health and stayed out of trouble. By keeping physically fit, it reduces the chances of receiving obesity and from facing difficulties in the future. “Physical inactivity is among the topmost risk factors for global mortality and associated with about 3.2 million deaths worldwide. This estimate seems consistent with the report that over 12.5 million of American children and adolescents suffer from obesity” (World Health Organization).
Without participating in sports or keeping fit, there is a higher chance of teenagers suffering in the future. Receiving diseases and becoming obese does not only have a say in whether or not sports keep teens out of trouble, but sex does too. Many athletes are committed to their particular sport they…

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