Preventing Teenage Substance Abuse

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Teenage substance use continues to cause major issues in rural areas of the United States. Many community groups and individual citizens put programs into motion to help keep teenagers from abusing drugs. In my hometown teenagers who abuse drugs continues to rise and nobody will step up and take a stand to help prevent teenagers who abuse drugs. Although, some organizations try to lower the rate of substance abuse, we need more solutions to help stop substance abuse. Our Community needs to develop a plan to help decrease teenage substance abuse. Only one organization in our community consistently provides a program to help prevent substance abuse. The Breckinridge County Coalition for Change continues to lead the effort in preventing teenage substance abuse …show more content…
“Consistent enforcement related to prevalence of daily and weekly smoking in secondary schools in Wales and lower levels of perceived smoking among Scottish students” (Adams 18). Effective policies do work and our police department continues to develop effective policies to combat its number one goal, which is to limit substance abuse around the county for all ages of people. If we can stop substance abuse among adults, then we can stop substance abuse among teenagers, but teenagers need education on the effects of substance abuse. When I graduated from Breckinridge County High School I only knew a few consequences of abusing drugs. I taught myself on the consequences after I graduated and that should not happen. We need to educate teenagers in high school, so when they graduate they understand abusing drugs can hurt them and the people they love. As Senator Mitch McConnell said, “Substance abuse destroys lives. It kills people, increases crime, and robs families of their loved ones. We must work harder to save our children, our friends, and our neighbors from this scourge” (McConnell

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