Preventing Disease And The Devastation Of Homeland Essay

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As juicy flavors of grease stream down the hand of a person holding a burger, and the aroma of the charcoaled steak fumes through the hungry man 's nasal cavities, his body screams "heart disease". A cup of milk was just chugged, and the girl wonders why her stomach hurts. The factory across the street that produces the meat in the local market chokes up harmful chemicals that are dispersed into the air, polluting Mother Earth. But the rejuvenated vegan across the room just finished a heavy meal consisting of a veggie burger and a tall glass of almond milk, yet feels and looks as healthy as ever. And the land that only farms vegetables uses less water and less toxic gases than farming livestock. Stomach aches, heart disease, and air pollution are only a few of the downsides to eating animal products; consuming these destroys the human body and earth. It is important to be vegan to prevent disease and the devastation of homeland.

There are many flaws involving animal products. Most people lie to themselves thinking that to grow strong bones, milk has to be ingested. But in fact, "as much as 75% of the world may be lactose intolerant" (57 Health Benefits). Along with being lactose intolerant, another study has shown that taking in milk increases the loss of calcium that bones take in. Another fault in dairy products is that they’re flooded with saturated fats which raises blood levels. Many health fanatics use eggs as a form of nutrients, only causing high cholesterol…

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