Prevent Firearm Accidents With Guns And Hunting Essay

1408 Words Mar 10th, 2016 6 Pages
Do you feel safe leaving your home knowing that anyone you see may have a firearm on them and may not have the right training? This is currently a growing problem in America. Too many people of the age of 18 in Iowa can just walk into a sporting goods store and buy a shotgun or rifle. Do you want people not suited to use a firearm get one that easily? People without the right gun training can be a danger to everyone around them including themselves. No one will be able to tell what they really want to do with that gun. That’s why I think people need to take a class to get trained and certified to buy a rifle or shotgun. After their class, they would get a permit to operate and buy firearms. There are many precautions that can be taken to help prevent firearm accidents. Growing up around guns and hunting with my dad and brother, my dad always stressed gun safety and taught us the right way how to hold, carry, and operate the firearms we were using. He always said “After you fire that gun, you can never get that bullet back so always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction and to always unload when you’re not ready to shoot.” If I didn’t have my dad there showing me the ropes there’s no guessing what could 've happened if I just grabbed a gun and went hunting. Some people don’t get as lucky as me to have that person showing them the proper way to do these things. That’s why I think they need to have someone showing them how to properly operate and carry their guns before…

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