Pressures of Being Thin Essay

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Why do young girls feel they need to be thin? The pre-teen and teenage years are already difficult enough to go through, and many girls go through these years constantly trying to make others like them. While these young girls read fashion magazines and watch television, they are exposed to what the articles, pictures and the media think how they should look. Even though mass media does not take full responsibility, advertising influences young girls to develop eating disorders because they feel pressure to stay thin and ads use thin women to promote beauty products and diet supplements. Here are some basic facts about eating disorders. According to National Eating Disorders Organization (2005) eating disorders, such as anorexia, …show more content…
The fund allows Dove to provide information packets to use in schools and help to educate young girls about healthy image.
Healthy Eating v. Anorexia
This chart shows the comparison between healthy eating and anorexia.

From Find Your True Beauty, by Melisa Steele. Copyright 2007-2009 by

There are many that disagree with the notion that the media and advertisers are to blame with the issues of young girls, namely Katie Ford, Chief Executive Officer of Ford Models. Katie Ford quoted as saying, “‘The biggest problem in America is obesity. Both obesity and anorexia stem from numerous issues, and it would be impossible to attribute either to entertainment, be it film, TV, or magazines.’” Ford is not convinced of the idea that fashion models are creating a cult of thinness in the USA (Hellmich, 2007). In May 2007, British columnist John Casey wrote about a report that was released in Britain siding with the argument that the media and advertisers are not to blame for young girls developing eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia. Dr. Vivian Nathanson from the British Medical Association released the report Eating Disorders, Body Image and the Media, which stated that television showing women who are thinner than average are the cause of eating disorders. Dr. Nathanson is quoted in the report as saying, “‘Research has also found that most female characters on TV are thinner than average women. The images of

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