Press Report Analysis ' Dead Wrong ' Essay

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Press Report Analysis “Dead Wrong”

The title of this article led to expect an article outlining the issue of unsolved murders in the Halifax area, then possibly brief overviews of the efforts to bring justice for the victims. Although this seemed at first to be the direction of the article, it soon turned in to a roast of the Halifax Police Department heads, attacking them as if they committed the murders themselves because they are believed to not have put their all into solving these cases. We can see in the reader’s comments on the article that this was the argument understood by the reader, as they proclaimed similar protests against the department and officers altogether, criticizing and dishonouring the department’s conduct and efficiency. Although this reporter does do a good job at illustrating what evidently appears to be the popular opinion regarding the conduct of the Halifax Police Department, I do wish to raise some concerns of this bias that I have come up with while reading this piece. Right off the bat, the reporter makes the bold statement that Halifax’s deplorably high murder rate is the result of department incompetence and insolence. The article illustrates, from a former officer’s perspective, how investigative processes toward solving murder cases in Halifax are hindered by the lack of experience and knowledge by the “bosses” of the department. This, especially at an initial stage in the authors piece, reveals bias against the Halifax Police, blaming…

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