Presidents Of The Top 5 Presidents Essay

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The United States of America is a nation that is 240 years old and has 44 presidents. The position of president is one of the highest a person can achieve in government, as the sole head of the large executive branch. Presidents are also the face of the nation, subject to extreme praise and criticism. Inevitably, some of these 44 men ages 35-69 have been better than others. Therefore, the question arises, what makes a good president? I believe that the best way to tell if a president was one of the best is objectively, because disagreements about certain policy and ideology should not be in the way of determining if they did a good job. The criteria for being one of the top 5 presidents is fairly easy to make, because most presidents are faced with similar problems as history is doomed to repeat itself. Therefore, the criteria must be ongoing problems in the world that presidents of the past have dealt with and future presidents will have to deal with. The first thing I believe makes a good president is war. War is the perpetual violence the world faces, and it can drastically change the world and challenge our democracy if lost. As commander-in-chief, one of the president’s main responsibilities is to command the armed forces. However, fortunately, not many presidents have had to face a true declared war, so this cannot be the only criteria for making a good president. Secondly, a good president must set precedent. By definition, precedent is a guide to be followed by…

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