Essay about Presidential Elections And Democratic Party

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The process of nominating a presidential candidate and electing a president is very complex. The United States has two major political parties, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Within each political party, the candidate has to announce that they plan on running for the presidential election. Once announcing their candidacy, they will begin their nomination campaign throughout the United States. A nomination campaign is where candidates of the same political party compete with one another to win delegate representatives to help support the candidate’s nomination at the national party convention. During this time, many states hold caucuses and open or closed primaries. Caucuses are where party members gather to discuss which presidential candidate they would want to nominate. During this meeting, the party members discuss who to choose as delegates, and other political issues. Caucuses are private events, whereas primaries are open to the general public. Citizens go and cast their vote for which they would like to be nominated. As mentioned earlier, they are two different types of primaries: open and closed. Open primaries are where the general public is able to vote for political party candidates. Citizens are not restricted to what party is stated on their voter ID cards. Whereas the closed primaries are where the “voter is limited to choosing candidates of the party of which he or she is a member” (Bardes et al., 2015, 273). Presidential candidates go state to…

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