Presidential Election : President Obama Essay

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Presidental Analysis
The two major candidates that are running in the presidential election this year are Mr. Donald Trump for the republican party and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the democratic party. Hillary is wife of former president Bill Clinton. She was also apart of the U.S senate during the first part of President Obama’s terms and was a first lady for a little bit. She has a degree in Law which is where she met her husband. Bill and Hillary Clinton had one daughter Chelsea and welcomed their first grandchild a couple years ago. She has been in politics for a long time, she has worked with Jimmy Carter when he was in the presidency and has been a Senator. The second candidate is Donald Trump who is a known billionaire, who we have all seen his tower in New York City. He is also a reality T.V star from the show The Apprentice as well as the owner of Miss America. He is married to Melania Trump who is just one of his 3 wives he has had and has 5 kids total (not all from Melania) and 8 grandchildren. Donald Trump has never been involved in politics until this past election. He and many other people believe that we need a business man running our country to get us out of debt. These two candidates for this year 's election are two very different people.Trump is someone who is very direct and frank with what is on his mind. He seems to make some racial comments but never has come out and said he is racist. For example when discusses building a wall to stop…

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