President Truman's Tension In The Cold War

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The Cold War was not solely the responsibility of President Truman. After World War II ended, The United States controlled the western half of Germany and the Soviet Union controlled the eastern half. Tension grew between the United States and the Soviet Union due to their political and economic differences. The United States and the Soviet Union viewed each other as a threat due to their competition between democratic and communist ideals.

When President Truman gave his iron curtain speech, he argued that the United States should support nations trying to resist the Soviet Union. Truman and his advisors developed a plan to provide financial aid to Europe to prevent communism and was seen by Stalin as suspicious. Truman’s intolerance and loyalty to his country caused him to make opposing foreign policy without regard to other nations. On the other hand, Stalin’s foreign policies created a lot of tension in the Cold War. His goal was to expand the influence of the Soviet Union and create a stumbling block of communist states to protect the Soviet Union from the United States. The Soviet Union violated the promises they made at Yalta. Truman and Stalin did not trust each other. Truman was interested in democracy and Stalin was in interested in communism. Because of their differences, they did not get along. When the United States started airlifting food and supplies to West Berlin, Stalin saw this as a confrontation. The United States saw it as a threat to freedom.
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The United States wanted equal rights and freedom. The Soviet Union wanted dictatorship with no individual rights or freedom. Therefore, President Truman cannot be responsible for the Cold War by himself. Stalin also had a hand in it. Both parties are

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