President Of The United States Essay

1329 Words May 16th, 2016 6 Pages
The United States is a nation of immigrants and those who are foreign born and become citizens of the United States should also be given the opportunity to run for presidency. There is a great problem with how the United States handles the qualifications on eligibility to run for president. Prohibiting certain citizens from becoming a president is unjust. This will affect the natural born citizens of the United States and the people who become naturalized citizens. It will affect the natural born citizens because there may be a candidate who has a great knowledge and understanding of the issues the country faces, but is not able to run for president because of one factor, his or her place of birth. This leads the citizens of the United States to miss out of having an intellectual person represent their country. It will affect people who were not born in the united states because even if they work in the government, they will never be able to be a president of the United States. Should a human be deprived from a position simply because he or she was not born in the United States? Think about all those people who have a great potential, but will never be able to take the position of presidency. The problem is not only affecting naturalized citizens, but the country by not allowing a foreign born person who knows a lot about the country to serve and try to better the country. The United States is supposed to be a country of equality and opportunity, but in reality it is not.…

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