President Obama Veto The Keystone Pipeline Essay

1087 Words Apr 7th, 2015 null Page
For many years, people had prioritized economic growth over the environment, but now there is a change in how the world does business. This year President Obama veto the Keystone Pipeline that would have brought oil sand to U.S. refineries from Canada, the pipeline would have come with jobs, oil, and environmental risk, he did not want to risk it. So yet again, the president was at odds with congress, and congress tried to override his decision, but half or just over half decided not to overrule him and some are still trying to get the pipeline built. ("Senate Fails to Override Obama’s Keystone Pipeline Veto.") Its job The government to ensure the people future by making the right decision it comes to growing the economy. The government must protect environment and help the people. If the government continue focus on making money without realizing the consequence, the country could end up like china. We can no longer prioritize economic growth over the environment.
The government want the country to be prosperous for as long possible, but have different ways and views on how to do on. One way do this is to make sure the economy is growing, when the economy is growing people will have more money, and making it easier for the poor and unemployed to find jobs thus improving a country overall prosperity. It order for a country economy grow certain conditions must meet, a country has to have policies created by a government that allow people invest a country with limited…

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