Essay about President Franklin D. Roosevelt

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On December 29, 1940, President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) spoke to the nation via radio broadcast. The American public had come to appreciate his “fireside chats” and the manner in which he delivered issues that pertained to the nation. On this night, Roosevelt’s tone and delivery took on an ominous air. This fireside chat had little to do with the ongoing economic recovery. Instead, FDR spoke about national security. He told the nation of the alliance of three nations. Two European nations, Germany, Italy, and one Asian nation Japan who recently formed the “Axis powers.” He explained that the Axis powers intended to dominate the world, and end democratic ideals. He expressed concern for what might possibly happen should an aggressor nation from Europe or Asia advance into the Western Hemisphere. On that night, President Roosevelt told the nation that America must become the “Arsenal of Democracy.” During the fireside chat, Roosevelt declared loyalty to the United Kingdom and all who oppose tyranny. His radio address was a precursor to his January 6, 1941his congressional message on the State of the Union. By utilizing the airwaves as he did when he delivered his arsenal of democracy speech. FDR laid the foundation for moving Congress and the nation away from its policy of neutrality. President Roosevelt was often in contact with Winston Churchill the Prime Minister of England. FDR was aware of the turmoil, death, and destruction that had befallen Europe because of…

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