Essay about Presentation Of The Memorial Day Weekend

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Decision making is something that we do every day. It’s something that’s so habitual that we don’t even think about it. I know I never really thought about it until reading into how it’s done and what affects our decision. During Memorial Day weekend, I used System 2 decision making. This is a more conscious and logical method than system 1. When I went shopping to get new shoes, my sister told me that Payless had a “buy one get one half off” sale for memorial day weekend. I knew that Payless already had decent prices for shoes and that fact enhanced my decision to go looking for shoes there first. The framing effect had worked on me. Because of their sale I was determined to find a second pair just so I could get that pair half off. I found one pair I liked for twenty dollars and a second pair that was a bit more expensive that I only somewhat liked. I knew I’d have to pay the full price of the more expensive pair, but the first pair I found would only be only be ten dollars. It was the anchoring effect that was making me consider buying the second pair of shoes. Fortunately, I decided to just buy the first pair of shoes to save money and because I didn’t really like the second pair. This is just one example of how framing and anchoring can affect decision making. Another concept that we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about, yet unconsciously do it daily is communicate through language. Language doesn’t necessarily have to be communicated verbally. It can be…

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