Prescription Drugs And The United States Essay

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Have you been curious to know how much pharmaceutical advertising you see every year? Do you know how these prescription drug advertisings influence your attitude toward medical care? “In one year, you will watch roughly sixteen hours of pharmaceutical advertisements” (Lia ) and “some 50 consumer magazines focusing on health care hit the news stands every month.”(Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America). While others argue that “Direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising helps patients take charge of their own health care by informing them about medical conditions that may afflict them and involving them in the decisions regarding treatment of these conditions,”(Paul) prescription drug advertising has negative consequences toward medical care. Unconsciously, it influences the attitude of people in three major ways: It causes misinformation about drugs, It rises medical cost, and it deteriorates the relationship between physicians and patients.
Pharmaceutical companies believe that prescription drug advertising affects positively healthcare in the United States. Since its goal is educational, prescription drug advertising “help consumers recognize symptoms and seek appropriate care.” Also, They assume that “Direct-to-consumer [DTC] advertising enhances consumer knowledge about diseases and treatments.” (Lia) Moreover, Pharmaceutical companies attest that drugs advertising does not influence the raising of drug price, but the “ increased use of prescription drugs…

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