Prescription Drug Advertising Is A Part Of America 's Ever Growing Consumerist Economy

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Prescription drug advertising is now a part of America’s ever growing consumerist economy. The United States is one of the two countries that actually permit prescription drug advertising to their citizens. The reasoning behind this is so that people can be aware of what is out there and how it can ultimately accommodate them; helping rid themselves of any unnecessary baggage such us anxiety, allergies and deppression. Although many pharmaceutical representatives would argue that their aspiration is to find a cure for such things, they find that deceit is the governing tactic. It is this very distortion of truth that would point to the reason why they have created so many prescribed medications that misinform so many consumers. It is through targeting patients directly, manipulating the use of language and emotionally appealing to the audiences that drug advertising has snuck its contagious ways and is now one of the lead spreading plagues in our society.
“Ask your doctor,” this is one of the most famous sales pitches known to be used by almost every big pharmacy company since it gives a certain power to the consumer. The United States of America is best known for their advertising. Commercials can now entertain while at the same time lead viewers into identifying with “sicknesses” they may believe to have. When identifying with something, one would want to take action. Since this commercial was the very thing that helped them identify the problem then that very same…

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