Prenatal Care For Low Income Pregnant Women Essay

1783 Words Dec 17th, 2015 8 Pages
For multiple decades pregnant women, mostly women of color, who are living in Baltimore, Maryland have not received proper prenatal care. Although a significant number of pregnant women within the city typically initiate prenatal visits within the first trimester, there are still many of those women who are receiving late or no care. It has been noted that lack of transportation is one of the causes for women initiating prenatal care visits at later stages of pregnancy or not at all. Therefore, No Bumps in the Road (NBR) would like to investigate the predicted high impact that providing free of cost transportation to low income pregnant women would have on the prenatal care initiation patterns in Baltimore, Maryland. Would it not be amazing if there was a way to help women allude one major bump in the road to having nearly perfect and healthy pregnancies?
Extensive review of literature has been conducted in order to ensure that this is an area of need for low income pregnant women. We would like to begin the No Bumps in the Road program with 100 participants over the course of one year. We will determine appropriate growth amounts at the end of the year by assessing spending amounts for that year. If all funds for the year have not been spent, we will evaluate the causes for such results and address them in recruitment and expectation efforts in the following year. Therefore, we may not increase the number of program participants until we are able to prove a larger need for…

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