Essay about Pregnant With My Second Child

768 Words Jul 4th, 2015 4 Pages
Finding out that I was pregnant with my third child was a little shocking. One reason was because I had just had just lost a baby through miscarriage a few months back. That was a very trying time for my husband and me, but we made it through it. The second reason it was shocking to us was because it was just unexpected. After having the miscarriage, we really did not expect to get pregnant so soon. Anyways, the shock wore off pretty quickly, but then all sorts of worries started to creep in. Thinking about whether or not we were prepared mentally or financially to have another child is a big thing. Either way, we needed to get there if we weren’t, because this was happening. After all shock wore off and the worries eased up a bit, I began to think of all the joys and pains that come along with being pregnant. One of those joys, probably the most important one of all, is getting to eat whatever and whenever I wanted to without feeling the least bit guilty about it. This is amazing for a person that is constantly watching their weight otherwise. Nevertheless, there is that one big pain about being pregnant, and that is the morning sickness. Not everyone deals with this during their pregnancy, but I do and it is awful. This is the time where I cannot really eat much of anything due to nausea, and it lasts about 8 weeks at the beginning of the pregnancy. Once the 8 weeks pass, for me it is pretty much all joy and no pain until delivery. During the months…

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