Essay on Pregnancy And Childbearing Practices : Pregnancy

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Pregnancy and Childbearing Practices:
Pregnancy and childbearing practices in Purnell’s model include different rituals performed, methods of birth control, and views on pregnancy. In my culture we perform no fertility rituals (Purnell). Contrary to my parent’s beliefs on birth control, I believe it is a necessary precaution. My views on pregnancy are pretty open. I believe it is okay to have sex before marriage, but know that pregnancy and diseases are a risk one takes when partaking in sexual activities.
Along with views on pregnancy comes differing views on birthing. In my culture there are many forms of birthing. For example, at home, medicated, natural, cesarean, or water birth (Babble Editors). These are only a few of several ways that women in my cultural choose to give birth. Something many people in my culture believe to be taboo is abortion. Coming from my conservative Christian household I was taught that abortion was not an option; however, I waiver on my own opinion of abortion. I see many aspects of the decision to abort, but at this time in my life I still have much to learn before I can come to my own conclusion on the matter of life and death.
Death Rituals:
Purnell follows with death rituals as his next concept in the Cultural Model. I try to view death as just another part of the life cycle (Purnell). In my culture it is a sad time, but is also to be celebrated as one is passing into their new life. A common cultural practice dealing with…

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