Pregnancy Among Teens : Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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Pregnancy Among Teens Teenage pregnancy has been a prevalent issue in our society for many decades. There are many factors that can result in adolescents becoming pregnant, including peer pressure, socio-economic status, and cultural influences (Hall & Hall, p. 2). However, according to many researchers, the main cause of the high birth rate among adolescents is the sex education, or lack thereof, being taught in high schools. Looking into the effectiveness of these “preventive programs” is one of the most essential aspects in understanding teen pregnancy. Examining why this is such a prevalent issue as well as how to address and prevent it is also crucial. Negative stereotypes typically surround teenage mothers and while some teen moms may fit these stereotypes, people cannot base these opinions on all pregnant or parenting adolescents. Many tend to believe that all teen moms are/were troublemakers. While this is just not the case in most situations. A huge stereotype that is often associated with the issue of adolescent pregnant and motherhood. It is believed by some that all adolescents mothers are not responsible and therefore, not equipped to parent a child. However, there are many teens that rise above the negative stereotypes associated with teen pregnancy and thrive as mothers and even families as a whole (Elders, 2012, p. 2203). The rate of teenage pregnancy is higher in the United States than in any other country (Corcoran, Franklin & Bell, 1997, p.…

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