Essay On Prediabetes

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Prediabetics and Reversal Options by Emma Conine
Diabetes has multiple causes which divides into two separate types. Type one diabetes is caused by the lack or insufficient production of the hormone insulin. Type two diabetes is caused by insulin resistance. There is now a way to determine whether a patient may be on the verge of developing type two diabetes. This is known as prediabetes. Prediabetes is linked to diabetes type two due to the fact that diabetes type two is an insulin resistant disorder and usually arises from poor diet and obesity. It may also be referred to as metabolic syndrome. Some of the key characteristics include excess adipose tissue and the development of insulin resistance. Risk factors for prediabetes and metabolic syndrome would be physical inactivity, poor dietary habits, excess body fat in the abdominal region, age and hypertension.

Prediabetes is tested through glucose levels, like the other two types of diabetes, and shows levels that are higher than normal, however, not as high as levels required to be diagnosed with type two diabetes. An early sign of glucose intolerance can be an important sign that can lead to diagnosing
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Build-up of glucose can cause damage to nerves and cause neuropathy, tingling sensations in the feet due to sciatica, loss of nerve function. Affecting the nervous system can be detrimental to the body’s functioning. Every body organ and system is correlated to nerves sending signals to the brain and maintaining a constant environment in the body called homeostasis. Gastroparesis is the loss of nerve function in the stomach where the nerves don’t process food to the small intestine and food is trapped in the stomach. This is caused by glucose build-up on the nerve and is irreversible other than a change of diet to prevent the stomach from working as

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