Essay about Pre Service For The Religious Service

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For the religious service I am going to go to a Kingdom Hall in Murphy, North Carolina. Tyler Graves, a friend of mine, is a Jehovah’s Witness so I plan on going with him. I am planning on going over Thanksgiving break. I chose to go there because I wanted to have a friend to go with, so I wasn’t completely alone and clueless. Initially I had planned on going to a Mormon church with another friend but he will be in Utah at that time. Growing up, I never went to church that often (mainly just Easter and Christmas) and when I did it was usually to a Methodist Church with my grandparents. So I am honestly not really used to any church or comfortable in any. I personally feel that you don’t have to go to church every Sunday to be a Christian and to believe. I am not one who likes to get out of their comfort zone and put in awkward situations, so I am extremely nervous to attend this service. Also, I am worried about how other people will feel about me being there. I hope to be accepted by all, but I too know how people can be. I really don’t like being pointed out amongst the crowd, so I hope that nobody really notices me or says anything. I know the Kingdom Hall isn’t very big, and not very many go, so I’m sure that I will stand out. I don’t know how common it is for people of another religion to go to a service.
Living in a small town I noticed how religion can affect others and relationships. In elementary school there was a boy in my class who was a…

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