Pre Game Sex : Does It Hurt Or Help An Athlete? Essay

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Pre-game Sex: Does it hurt or help an athlete? One of the oldest sports myths is that sex before a big game can hinder an athlete’s performance; however, there is no answer to this date about the influence of sexual activity and how it impacts athletic performance. Many young athletes refrain from sex and practice abstinence before an event, believing that sex can decrease athletic performance (Fischer). This has gained popularity among many successful athletes like Mohammed Ali who abstained from his sexual desires and credited his success with the practice of abstinence before a fight and that this helped him build up his aggression against his opponent. So in order to understand the popular misconceptions of this topic and to determine whether abstinence actually contributes to an athlete’s performance, we need to look on how humans respond to sexual activities which includes understanding the orgasm, as well as how men and women both respond to sexual arousal. This can help people understand the relationship between athletic performance and sexual intercourse. Through biological research, here is what happens to a person’s body before, during, and after sex. The male and female experience a sexual response described through four sequential phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution (Vouyoukas). The excitement phase is where both sexual desire and arousal take place and this is what creates sexual stimulation between two individuals. So changes in the…

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